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About Marc McIntosh

A couple can get married without dresses, tuxedos, caterers or photographers, but they cannot get married without an officiant. As an officiant, you are in the enviable position of providing the only wedding-related service that is not discretionary. In spite of this, the potential market for your services is not […]

Effective Marketing Strategies for Wedding Officiants

1.  Only low-budget brides go to wedding shows. The primary audience of a wedding show is the middle 80 percent of the wedding budget spectrum.  Brides with the lowest 10 percent and the highest 10 percent of wedding budgets don’t attend in any great numbers.  For most wedding professionals, the brides who […]

Three Myths About Wedding Shows

The great thing about the wedding business is that you have a brand new pool of prospective customers every year. The bad thing about the wedding business is that you have a brand new pool of prospective customers every year. Every week, brides become engaged and move into the marketplace, […]

You Can Never Stop Marketing. Ever.

Will my wedding be ruined? With every decision she makes, the bride is thinking ‘Is this decision going to ruin my wedding?’ What if no one dances? What if my dress doesn’t fit? What if my pictures are blurry? Show the bride what could go wrong, and how that won’t […]

When Selling to Weddings, are you Using Fear as a ...

It’s amazing how many wedding professionals make it difficult to be contacted by the prospective customer. Is your phone number hidden away on your contact page? Is your email address only found on the back of your brochure? Don’t make the bride hunt you down, instead, make it easy for […]

Are You Hiding From Wedding Customers?

The wedding planning season Just as there are wedding seasons, there are wedding planning seasons. 25 percent of engagements happen between Christmas and New Years, and another 12 percent happen on Valentines Day. There are certain times of the year where lots of newly engaged brides are entering the marketplace. […]

Timing your Wedding Marketing to Maximize your Results

There are three tiers of success in the wedding business, and you must master all three to be successful. Just as with a wedding cake, the tiers build on each other. Tier #1: Marketing The first tier is marketing, and by marketing I mean whatever you do to create awareness […]

The Three Tiers of Success in the Wedding Business

She’s ALWAYS going to your website first! There are many ways for a bride to find you. Perhaps she received a referral, saw you at a bridal show, or saw your ad in a bridal magazine. Regardless of how a bride first learned about you, she is going to check […]

Is Your Website Hurting Your Wedding Business?

How many brides see your ad or go to your website and then immediately say “I want to book, where do I send the money?” Probably never. Why do your marketing materials exist? If you think that they are designed to take the prospective customer all the way to the […]

Less is More – Delete 50% of Your Ad Copy

Selling to a bride is different! Selling to a bride is different than selling to any other type of customer. The bride generally does not have a complete grasp of what she needs, how much it costs, or where to begin. Most importantly, she doesn’t know you from your competition. […]

Building Credibility through your Wedding Marketing

Why is your company so great? You might think that there are dozens of reasons why your company is great, but in reality, only two or three of these reasons really matter to your customers. The reasons that are important to your customers will also be important to your prospective […]

Do you know WHY your wedding customers are buying from ...