Less is More – Delete 50% of Your Ad Copy

How many brides see your ad or go to your website and then immediately say “I want to book, where do I send the money?” Probably never. Why do your marketing materials exist? If you think that they are designed to take the prospective customer all the way to the close of the sale, you are mistaken. They really serve a different purpose.

How detailed should you make your website and marketing materials?

Your website and marketing materials exist only as a means of enticing the bride to contact you. When writing your ad copy, you don’t need to tell the bride everything about you upfront. In fact, you don’t want to. If you provide too much information up front, the bride will feel she has everything she needs and will have no reason to contact you. Getting that contact is the only goal of your advertising, so leave some questions unanswered. Your wedding marketing materials should entice the bride to ask for more, without telling her everything she might possibly need to know.

Is the sales process about you? NO!

The sales process is not about you, it’s about her! The bride doesn’t really care about your company, she cares about her wedding. So why does our advertising have WE, WE, WE all over it? We do this, we have that, we’re the greatest. Eliminate the word we from your advertising and replace it with the word you. Focus your message on the bride, not on your company. Focus on what you will you do for the bride and how you will do it better than anyone else.