When Selling to Weddings, are you Using Fear as a Motivator?

Will my wedding be ruined?

With every decision she makes, the bride is thinking ‘Is this decision going to ruin my wedding?’ What if no one dances? What if my dress doesn’t fit? What if my pictures are blurry? Show the bride what could go wrong, and how that won’t happen when she chooses you.

An educational report can be a powerful marketing tool

Consider developing an educational report to give the bride. This piece can tell her what to look for when she is buying what you sell, it can show the bride that “your way” is the “best way”, and will establish you as an expert in your field. Call your report “The Ten Most Common Mistakes Made When Choosing a Photographer”, “Five Things To Watch Out For When Choosing a Limousine Service”, or “Ten reasons not to buy your wedding dress online”.

Use your imagination. You can integrate pieces of this report into your blog and Facebook page, distribute it at bridal shows, and use it as a call to action on your website. Instead of begging the prospective customer to contact you for more information, invite them to request your free report. You can then deliver the report to them, in person, when you have your first sales meeting.

Edgy Wedding Marketing Sells!

Wedding planners: How about using this marketing message when selling to weddings? Half of the wedding vendors in this town are awesome, and half of them are mediocre. Book me, and I’ll show you which is which. It’s a little edgy, but it certainly beats a boring message like We’ll help you create the wedding of your dreams.

Take a look at this ad from a wedding planner that went way out of the box, but it certainly makes a statement. This ad generated 11 new clients the first month it appeared. Due to complaints, the magazine refused to run the ad again. Those complaints did not come from readers, they came from other advertisers, likely because they were upset that they didn’t think of the idea first.